Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who else could have invented strawberries?

I just came in from helping my hubby do the yard. I got to ride the John Deere and go in circles, which is pretty fun, actually. I love doing a job where you can see a really big difference after it's done. I love that feeling of accomplishment. Even if it's just going to have to be done all over again in a few days.

Today, while riding that lawn tractor up and down, back and forth, plowing down row after row of grass-gone-wild, I had one of those moments of clarity. You know, one of those really "in the moment" moments.

For about five minutes, it didn't matter if we ever get to buy the house or have to move, it wasn't important that I wasn't finishing a book or didn't have some spectacular career or that I was never going to win a Mother of the Year award. For about five minutes, I just enjoyed myself. And it made me thankful.

I did a happy dance in my heart and was delighted that God had made me and the grass and the sunshine. I thanked Him for my life and my husband and my kids and the fact that I am His and He has all the best ideas. 

Maybe those Zen guys are onto something.


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