Saturday, April 03, 2010


I'm grumpy today. I got some housework done, ate strawberries and Nutella and enjoyed some quality time with my husband earlier, but I'm still really grumpy.

 Savannah will be 10 next Wednesday and usually we have a big birthday party for her the weekend before her birthday, but this year I encouraged her to choose a day at the mall with a friend instead. I thought it would be less expensive and we both would enjoy it more. I was wrong. It sucked.

Dalton ended up taking the girls shopping because I had to take Katie to get her septum pierced while we were in Humble (another long, horrible story.) They only went to one store, when the girls had their hearts set on a day of shopping, (Dalt, bless his heart, did the best he could.) I finally got there after they'd already eaten and then they had to wait on me to eat. The movie Savannah wanted to see was incredibly boring and then it was time to leave. Yippee-skippee.

So now I'm sad and grumpy and there's no cure in sight. I guess I'll just go eat worms.


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