Sunday, February 05, 2006

On pessimism and the Superbowl

For those of my friends and acquaintances who are concerned by my last entry, you should know I am prone to fits of cynicism; please take it as such.

I'm sure I'll feel better someday and see things in perspective.

Does that make everyone feel better?

The Superbowl was fun. I've never seen so many ridiculously long names on the back of jerseys in my life, and I still can't say "Tatupu" with a straight face.

Seattle beat themselves; it felt like we had a Houston team there. The first half was pretty good, better than I thought it would be. But Seattle's coach lost the game on the way to the locker room at halftime with his cry-baby attitude about the bad call on Pittsburgh's touchdown. Yes. It was a bad call. Suck it up. You were still within reach, ya girl.

The refs really were making some terrible calls, though. Even the Steeler's fans were flinching by the end of the game. The officials semi-redeemed themselves on the recall of Seattle's fumble in the last quarter, but by then I believe Seattle had already been tainted by their coach's bad attitude.

Me and Howard Cosell. What can I say?


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