Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scrambled, again

Ok, I realize I can't hide forever.

I've just been a little depressed. Still can't find a job, and you know what? I really don't want to. Of course I need to find a way to bring in some cash, but at the tender age of 43, I am sick to death of bandaid jobs. I only thought I felt old when I was pregnant with Savannah at 34.

So, I thought the solution would be to go back to school. Only the idea of 3-1/2 years of school, just to do something for a paycheck - something I don't really love - doesn't seem like the answer either.

I found out about a semester-long class at Cleveland High School to become a certified Phlebotomist. Bingo! Society approved vampirism? For a paycheck? No long term commitment? Count me in! Like, two weeks ago!!!

So, there went all my eggs - plop, plop, plop - into the Phlebotomist basket. Only when I went to sign up for the course, it had been canceled. And there went all my eggs - smash, crack, fizzle.

Oh well, time for another breakfast burrito!


Blogger Cat said...

I dont wanna work neither! I wanna find one of those "get rich quick schemes!" They always work dont they??? :-) Hey, the right thing will come along, I just know it!!!! Or hey, you could have my job if you want! lol

11:37 AM  

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