Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pooh, and I don't mean Winnie

So right in the middle of cooking dinner last night, the septic system decides to back up. I'm elbow-deep in homemade macaroni and cheese and frying beer-battered codfish when the kids run in and tell me there's water standing in my bathroom and the kids' bathtub. Great.

Did I mention it was raining outside at the time? Hard?
Dalt ended up borrowing his dad's sewer snake and getting things patched up until we can get the septic guys out tomorrow to clean the thing out. His wet-vac had been borrowed and not returned, so the kids and I had to use every towel in the house to sop up the two inches of water standing on my floor. Never mind that I've been telling him since we moved in that I thought the septic needed to be serviced and cleaned out.

Did I mention I'm really grumpy today? 

My dinner turned out really good, but it was overshadowed by the lingering smell of sewer on my husband and dogs. I ended up having to totally sanitize my entire bathroom from top to bottom afterward while Dalt played KISS songs for me on his computer. It only took one bottle of wine to get me through it. Okay. A bottle and a half, but who's counting?

The kids washed the dogs, our rugs and towels are in the dryer and it's already time to cook dinner again.

Oh, happy day.


Anonymous Heather Butchart said...

On a day like that, think about Paris. Yes , the subway system was easy for us to use, people were so friendly and when you retire over there, we'll join you!
In your "free" time read a "Year in Provence" while sipping your wine, and have a good laugh!

7:23 PM  

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