Friday, February 10, 2006

Now and zen

The radio station is helping me with the whole live-in-the-moment zen phase I'm going through.

There is nothing more immediate than radio. (Well, my pre-taped show isn't immediate, but we won't hop down that bunny trail yet). Everything happens now - it's out on the air and then it's gone. History. Yesterday's news.

It's great therapy for recovering perfectionists because there are no do-overs. You go with what you have. You don't have time to stop and agonize over a mistake, it's just a bump in the road. The car keeps going, baby.

Of course, people will call you on your screw-ups, but someone else's screw-up is always waiting to take the spotlight.

Now, if it just didn't take me an hour to do two 30-second commercials, I could say I'm there.

Right, Tiffany?


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