Saturday, August 19, 2006

I got skills

Well, it's been an eventful week.

The kids are back in school. We still haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but it's coming. And by "we" I mean "me."

For some reason my internal clock runs about 10 to 15 minutes behind real world time. I can manage to get at least two of the kids to school on time, but there's always the third one that gets the short end of the stick. So far it's been a toss up between Joseph and Katie, because I drop Savannah off first.

The first day of school I dropped Katie before Joe because I was running a little late and I thought his school started at 8:10; Katie's starts at 7:55. He barely made it. Turns out his school starts at 8:05 and evidently school clocks run slightly fast, which sucks in my world.

The second day I dropped Joe before Kat. We were still running slightly behind and Katie was kind of pissy about it - until my road handling skills got her there just in time. After taking a few corners on two wheels and nearly getting us t-boned by an 18-wheeler, she was just happy to make it to school alive.

The third day we would have actually been on schedule if it hadn't been for the train on the way to Joe's school. I ended up taking Katie first, then back tracking to drop Joe. My driving skills that morning earned a phone call from our local assistant fire chief, reprimanding me for doing 40 through the school parking lot. Excuse me, but I'm trying to get three kids to three different schools on time. It's a challenge just to get myself anywhere on time.

The fourth day was okay because I think everyone in Cleveland overslept. Traffic was light, so we made it.

Friday sucked because I had to drop everybody off and go back home to finish doing my hair. I love being a woman.

I can't wait for Monday.


Blogger Cat said...

Pony tails and doing your makeup in your work parking lot really helps for me! Lets me sleep those extra minutes later! :-)

9:36 AM  
Blogger Eva L. Beech said...

See your first mistake was even considering make up. Who cares. I consider the al la naturale' look good. Anyone don't like it, oh well, in 10 years none of this crap won't matter anyway.

12:43 PM  
Blogger psycho_aide said...

Damn did you learn to drive from Duke of hazzard? Are you really Daisy Duke?

1:35 PM  

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