Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Important Stuff

Have you ever passed by the same piece of paper on the floor over and over again and thought to yourself, "Somebody really needs to throw that paper away," until you finally realize no one else is going to do it?

So you pick it up, throw it away, and wonder why you just didn't do that to begin with?

Yeah, I think that's why I've been sleeping so much. I'm avoiding taking out the trash.

So, I went swimming with my kids today.

We played chase, and did underwater handstands, and took turns standing on each other to see how long we could hold our breath. They swam under me and between my legs and did amazing running cannonballs off the side of the pool.

Afterwards Savannah, my 6 year-old, and I showered together. In between me teaching her the important stuff like shampooing and conditioning your hair first so the conditioner can sit in your hair while you wash the rest of you and how to work up a good lather on a loofah, she asked if we would ever move again.

If my 6-year old had asked me that fifteen years ago, I would have had all the answers. I would have said, "No, of course not. We'll always live here, sweetie."

But my 40 year-old self knows better.

"I don't know," I said today. "Sometimes God has plans for us we don't know about yet." Then I thought I better throw in something parental, so I added, "Besides, you'll move when you grow up and go to college and get a career. You'll have a home of your own to move into."

I left out the part about how most of the people I know with college degrees make less money than the people I know who barely made it out of high school. And how she might meet a guy with a nose ring and a guitar who could possibly side track her with a mini-van a four unplanned pregnancies.

But by then she was fascinated with the layer of suds covering her belly anyway.

Best to stick with the important stuff.


Blogger psycho_aide said...

or the adorable cowboy that you think is so cute then he shows his true self two years later!

11:19 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

But, didn't you know that it's always the bubbles in life that are more interesting than anything in life?

7:32 PM  

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