Monday, August 28, 2006

Just another day in Paradise

This is an oft repeated mantra around the radio station.

I wonder if everyone feels that way at work.

Does every phase of life follow the same pattern? Honeymoon stage, settling in, bored, resigned, burnt out, cynical?

Or is it just too much sugar in our diets?

Do clowns become bitterly sarcastic after a while? Nuns? Pediatricians? Motivational speakers?

Does Oprah walk around wondering where the last twenty years have gone, thinking she should have been an opera singer?

Can you tell my chiropractor went on vacation and Mike is back?


Blogger psycho_aide said...

i have to agree hun everything in life is like that.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

You know Cas, I'm a little worried about you. If that is your idea of paradise.......... :-) Im sorry Mike is coming back but look at ya, can't blame the guy for wanting to be with ya! I hope you feel better!! Love ya!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Eva L. Beech said...


10:08 PM  

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