Friday, February 02, 2007

The effects of sugar on the human brain

I just finished assaulting the remains of a chocolate cake with full fat cream cheese icing. Just me, the cake, and a fork.

It's okay, I washed it down with a Diet Coke.

So now I thought it would be fun to record my random thoughts as they occur after a sugar overload such as this.

1. Why don't I have any music on? (Pause while I find music.)

Note: At this point I switched to Yahoo to start my Launchcast radio; when I got to Yahoo, I decided to check my email - none, so sad - then I went back to the Yahoo homepage and read that today was Groundhog Day. Well, I had to find out if the groundhog saw his shadow, so I clicked on the article and learned that Groundhog Day actually originated with German folklore. It turns out that the Germans believed if any hibernating animal saw its shadow on February 2nd, the Christian holiday of Candlemas, there would be six more weeks of winter; if no shadow was seen, Spring would come early. Hey, I'm a Christian! Why haven't I ever heard of Candlemas? Anyway, Punxatawny Phil, evidently the official groundhog of North America, did not see his shadow, so it's an early Spring for us this year. Good. Well, the article was over and I had a nagging feeling I'd forgotten something. Why was I on this page? I remembered checking my email... Hmmmm? What was I supposed to be doing? Then I remembered my blog - that's it - I was supposed to be finding music. It took me a minute to remember how to launch my Launchcast radio, then I returned to my post.

2. I'm sleepy. I think I'll take a nap.


Blogger Pity Party Princess said...

You on a sugar high, me a sushi overdose.

Sigh.. had to break in the new chopsticks... YUMMO

Gosh.. did I really just say that really annoying Rachael Ray phrase.. ACK! Shoot ME NOW!!

Glad you got something accomplished today... :-)

11:50 PM  
Blogger elysabeth said...

sounds like most of my days without the sugar high - but that chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting sounded great - lol - I wonder if I should change my diet now? - hum on second thought I'd never get anything done if I went for the chocolate/cream cheese frosted cake - lol - thanks for the fun post - E :)

10:54 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

You know Cas, you seem to have all the good food at your house. I wanna come over!!! :-)

4:59 PM  

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