Saturday, October 23, 2010

Top Ten Ways To Hold Onto That Weight (and gain some)

1.  Watch marathon sessions of the Food Network.
2.  Try out that new macaroni and cheese recipe - then eat it all by yourself.
3.  Sleep in - for the whole day.
4.  Have ice cream for lunch.
5.  Become a human garbage disposal when your kids don't finish everything on their plate.
6.  Refuse to exercise outside because there are muggers and rapists and vampires out there.
7.  Refuse to exercise inside because the dogs are watching and making snide comments to each other.
8.  Eat the rest of the chips in the house to save your kids from eating them.
9.  Enjoy a glass of wine, or five.
10. Repeat with dark beer.


Blogger Cat said...

OMG! I have forgoten how funny your blogs are!!! I need to start doing this again!!! :-)

2:31 PM  
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