Saturday, July 08, 2006

Voodoo Boat Guy - Part Two

I got a phone call at work the other morning from a guy with a deep voice and a thick, good ol' boy accent who wanted to lodge a complaint with Eric.

Well, Eric wasn't in yet and most complaints have to do with the Trading Post and I handle those anyway, so I asked Good Ol' Boy if he wanted me to take a message.

"Yes, ma'am I do," he said around a wad of chewing tobacco. "Me and my buddies listen to y'all's Tradin' Post show ever day, and there's this guy that keeps callin' and takin' up the whole dang show with all his inflatable dolls and sailboats and flea market crap and Eric needs to hang up on this dweeb."

"Oh," I said. "You're talking about Voodoo Boat Guy. It's not really Eric's fault. See, we try to weed the dweeb out, but he has some kind of weird mo-jo thing going where he gets on anyway. It's a mystery."

I explained to Good Ol' Boy how we'd resorted to confining Voodoo Boat Guy to line 1 when he called, otherwise he was just a loose cannon - no telling which line he'd show up on or how often.

Good Ol' Boy said he and his buddies were going to start calling Voodoo Boat Guy and harrass him until he stopped calling the show. Harass being my choice of word - not good Ol' Boy's.

I probably just should have taken a message.

The next day of course, Voodoo Boat Guy was on line 1 as usual. But when Eric opened up the line, a lovely woman's voice said, "I'm calling for my brother. He has a 16 ft. sailboat for sale, a pontoon boat, some Britney Spears collectible dolls still in the box..."

You could have heard a pin drop in our office.

About ten minutes later, we heard a familiar nerdy little voice again, as always, with the same list. I couldn't believe it. Not only had VBG gotten his "sister" to do his dirty work the first time, he got on TWICE in the same day. It was creepy.

Good Ol' Boy called after the show and said he was going to continue his campaign against Voodoo Boat Guy, but honestly I don't think VBG can be stopped. He is a force to be reckoned with.

An icky, nerdy, annoying, force - but still...


Blogger psycho_aide said...

uh huh that one is odd

8:24 PM  
Blogger Master of My Own Small Universe said...

Voodoo Boat Guy for President!!! If he can manage to get on the Trading Post every frackin' day, dealing with Congress should be no problem.

9:54 PM  

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