Sunday, July 02, 2006

Much easier in the saying than the doing

I'm reading a book right now by an author I really like. The book is 14th in a series I've really enjoyed, although the last two or three are not as good as the previous ones. I like the author so much though, I make allowances for the not-so-good-ones.

Some of the most profound truths I've ever come across are in works of fiction.

Surprisingly enough, the best definition of love I've ever found was in a fantasy novel a very dear friend recommended:

"'s a bit more than mere profession of some nebulous feeling for another human being. It's also accepting --- accepting everything about that person, even though you don't approve of all of it."

That's a tall order. And a test not many can meet. Good thing too, because then love would be a common thing, wouldn't it?


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Blogger Master of My Own Small Universe said...

"What is love? Sometimes it's just letting yourself be who and what you are, and letting the person you're supposed to love be who and what he is, too." Incubus Dreams, LKH

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