Saturday, July 01, 2006

My own little way of dealing with things

I'm going to an Independence Day celebration in Liberty on Monday. Yippee-skippee.

So many things I'm doing because of this job I would never do otherwise.

I guess it's good for me. You know, getting me out of my comfort zone and all that rot. My comfort zone is the couch, a good book and a box of Russell Stover cream centered chocolates. If I don't get out of it they're going to have to burn down my house around me when I die because I'll be too fat to remove.

It's not a job related requirement to go this thing; it's like the Liberty Jubilee a few months ago. We don't have to go, but because we work in this quaint little town with all this picturesque Americana crap going on, sometimes you just have to give in to the dark side and participate.

Plus my kids really like this stuff.

All this to get around to the big troop salute they're going to have to honor military personnel and their families.

I spend a lot of energy not thinking about Zach in Iraq. I don't even write him as much as I should, because that requires me to think about it. It is my selfish way of dealing with things.

I am going to sit through at least two hours of patriotic music, fireworks, military honors and speeches, and be given a coin and flag for Zach. All of that is wonderful. I think it's great the town is doing this for our military.

It's just that until he's back, I don't want to think about it.


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