Monday, April 14, 2008

It always comes down to selling, doesn't it?

My yard looks fantastic. My house is relatively clean. The laundry is caught up. And I still don't have a job.

There are those who say this is because it is the only way I can be backed into finishing a book. Others tell me I'm fantastic and something big will come my way. I say - help, I need money.

So, for those of you who believe in me - here's your opportunity to support your position. Become a charter member of Keep Cas

For the low, low price of whatever-you-can-afford, you can put your money where your mouth is and contribute to my writing future. Benefits include a mention in the acknowledgments portion of my first best-selling novel, a daily prayer, and complimentary car wash. Members will also get a shout-out from the stage when I receive my Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, your choice of personal Haiku, limerick or sonnet, and an autographed DVD copy of my Barbara Walters interview.


Blogger Cat said...

There's a great idea! adverstising for people to give you money! I like it! I cant afford anything but maybe donating some debt and good wishes! there are big things in store for you Cas, I just know it! :-)

9:18 AM  
Blogger elysabeth said...

I agree - there are definitely big things in store for you. I know it's hard with no job, but trust me - there is something for you and it will come your way soon. I have been down the road you are on and it's not a pretty picture, but I survived and you will to. Hang in there dear friend and who knows, we will all be clamoring to get that best selling book autographed - E :)

10:38 AM  
Blogger Simply Jen said...

Everything will turn out for you. I know it will :)

9:08 AM  
Blogger Simply Jen said...

Everything will turn out for you. I know it will :)

9:08 AM  

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