Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Willie Wonka, will you marry me?

If you read yesterday's post - you might want to read it again. I was very tired when I wrote it, so I cleaned it up a little today.

About the chocolate factory. WOW. We went to the Russell Stover outlet in... Oh, I can't remember, somewhere between here and Dallas. I think it was Corsicana, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it was fun. These two great big burly guys were going up and down the aisles with goofy grins on their faces, like kids on Christmas morning. An elderly woman stood transfixed by the sugar-free choices. My cellulite jumped for joy when I found my favorites and saw the bulk discount. I had more fun making my kids' powdered candy tubes than any of the kids there. Ah, the power of sweets - my drug of choice.

I may still be aimless, job-wise, but I have lots of chocolate.

And that's the important thing.


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