Monday, March 31, 2008

sunshine and lollipops

Well... (yawn, scratch my butt)... there's not a whole lot new going on around here. Just another day in paradise.

Not that I haven't accomplished a whole lot, mind you. I've done some laundry. Finished reading a book. Eaten some chocolate. I haven't managed to put a bra on today, but I've penciled it in for the last possible minute before I have to go pick up the kids.

The Liberty Jubilee was on Saturday. Zach and Ali, Terri, Jacob, Vic and the kids and I went, and Dalt and Natthan. It was anti-climactic. Everyone kind of split up and went their separate ways. It was hot. Two dollars for a canned Diet Coke was a little pricey, if you ask me. And the kids are getting older, so I guess the thrill is gone.

I know that feeling quite well these days.


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