Monday, March 13, 2006

Gossamer threads

I had dinner tonight with a friend I like a whole real lot. I haven't figured her out entirely, but I've enjoyed her from the first time we met.

I wonder what it is that creates a connection with certain people and not others. I have some very good friends that share deep ties with me. Without exception, I knew from the beginning they were special.

To most of the world, I imagine I seem like an open book, outgoing and out there. Good.

But there are a few who know that isn't the case. They're the ones I can cry in front of, scream at, belly laugh with, never call and they don't get mad, and when I finally do call, we just pick up where we left off without missing a beat. They genuinely love me, and I genuinely love them right back.

Karma, kismet, chemistry, sympatico, empathetic neuroses - whatever you want to call it. When it happens with someone, it's worth it not to waste or take for granted, but to appreciate the gift and handle with care.


Anonymous Cat said...

The friends you have that instant connection with are the ones that will last a lifetime. Its great when you find that. Having a circle of friends (to quote a friend) is the best thing in the world. It was good to meet you the other night. Wish you could have stayed longer.

8:13 AM  

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