Sunday, October 29, 2006

Never a dull moment

Ok. It's been a week. I'm really slacking. But honestly - I haven't had much to say. And I've been insanely busy.

The birthday season has officially begun. Every year Katie's b-day kicks it off on October 24th. Now we'll have birthdays nearly every month through April. Yippee-skippee.

Did I mention I hate Halloween? I do. It just gets in the way of Thanksgiving.

I went to a Halloween party last night and killed way too many brain cells. I don't know what happened, really. One minute I was sipping a beer, the next I was slamming jello shots, and before it was all over I was playing the drinking version of Trouble and having to chug a beer every time I lost. Not pretty. I ended up throwing up in my husband's truck, stripping in my driveway at 2 am, and stumbling naked into the house to shower.

I have a hangover for the record books. But my neighbors love me.


Blogger Eva L. Beech said...

Man it has been years since I puked in anyones vehicle. MANY YEARS.

There is something about you going out with your DH and getting totally obliterated.

You really need to stop that.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

Yeah, you need to stop that unless of course you invite us to join! Sorry about the hangover though. Those suck! At least you had a good time.

7:33 AM  

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