Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ya know?

I am sitting here at the computer, with a headache, sipping a Diet Coke from Sonic (which is probably why I have the headache), thinking about taking a shower. Being lazy.

There are three pre-teen and newly teen-aged girls cleaning up around my house right now. They work for food - it comes in handy. And they're highly entertaining to eavesdrop on for short periods of time. I say that because the human psyche is fragile. There is only so much giggling, rapid fire free association chatter and dramatic re-enactments it can take.

Sample: "Oh my God, I had - like - seven dejavu's yesterday - it was so weird -"

"Oh, I know and then you fell all those times playing volleyball yesterday in the front yard-"

"Oh, I know - I fell seventeen times playing volleyball in the front yard -"

"I have been scratching my toe all morning, I don't know why - something must have bitten me -"

"Oh, I know - I hate that -"

"Oh (notices red bump on side of toe) this must be why-" (friend scratches toe for her)

"Oh, I know, there's been something biting me too -"

"Oh, remember when my mom saw that bug?"

"And we had to make up our own Yahtzee score paper -"

"- Oh, I know!"

It goes on and on.

But, they do work for food.


Blogger Eva L. Beech said...

You know.. I need a good house cleaning too.. I feed well...

12:51 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

Hey, I need a good house cleaning too, and momma feeds well!!! (assuming I can beg momma to come over and feed!!) Love you guys!!

2:14 PM  
Blogger Gigi said...

Hey I am def. one to help clean if it's momma cooking!! LOL I miss her food!

7:22 PM  
Blogger Crazy One said...

I will pay Merry Maids to come clean your houses for food...

7:23 PM  
Blogger Eva L. Beech said...

Merry Maids won't come to my house

7:49 PM  
Blogger Gigi said...

Why not?

9:32 AM  
Blogger psycho_aide said...

i would be beating my head against a rock during that one hun!

10:01 AM  

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