Friday, May 11, 2007

What a trip

I'm back.

I had a wonderful time and learned a lot more about hurricane crap than I ever wanted to know. The B & B where I stayed was not what I'd imagined, but it grew on me; by the time I left it felt like I was leaving my second home and I wished I had more time there.

Galveston has an indefinable affect on me. It's a very old town and my family has a history there, so maybe it's the ghosts that get under my skin. I don't know, but I love it. The weather was beautiful, the companionship perfect. I slept well for the first time in ages, and even the food tasted better. I guess I needed to get away.

Anyway, now it's back home and back to reality. Boo-hoo.

Reality is over-rated.


Blogger elysabeth said...

Wow - impressed you slept better away from home - but then again, being away from the kids is always a good thing (not that we don't love our kids but they do tend to wear us down and all) - I wish I could sleep better somewhere else but alas, can't (not that I sleep well as it is in my own bed - see my blog about sleep studies and CPAP) -

Anyway - glad you are back and now that you know what to do in a hurricane and you have visited a place your family has history with, then write a story - get the creative juices flowing and put out a story set in Galveston and use those ghosts from the past - it can't hurt - E :0

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