Monday, January 28, 2008

I should be sleeping

Ok, it's been forty forevers, so I guess I should write.

I helped put together my first magazine last week. It felt good, but it was a LOT OF WORK and I'm still exhausted. Also, my nose is stuffed up again. Yay me.

Lloyd, the graphic artist at work, is pretty sure I'm a moron, but he humors me. We work well together and have a good time. He and I see most things eye-to-eye where the magazine is concerned, which is very helpful.

Melissa is our new staff writer and the boss's daughter. She knows magazines too, and her ideas have been priceless. She worked all night a few nights with Lloyd last week when I had to leave early to be with my kids. She vehemently disagrees with my pricing structure for advertising, as do my bosses, Staci and Rick, but I have to go with what I think is right. After all, that's what got me here to begin with.

Time will tell, won't it? It will either work or it won't.

Also, Melissa and Staci are very fashionable, up with all the styles and crap like that. I now know what botox treatments look like. Personally, I don't care about my face. I just want a tummy tuck and a boob lift.

And for the magazine to do well.


Blogger elysabeth said...

Yay!!! your first magazine as the editor/publisher? It should feel good - when will it hit the stands?

Check out my new blog for my children's series I'm working on -

Let me know and I'll get a copy of the magazine - to help you out - E :)

2:10 PM  

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