Monday, March 02, 2009

My plan to take over the world, Part 1

So, wow. I've really fallen down the rabbit hole this time.

The universe I have entered is one of the aged and the infirm. The world on which I have landed in this alter-universe is that of the long term health care industry, also known as a "SNF" (pronounced "sniff) - Skilled Nursing Facility, also known as a nursing home.

My task is to fill the beds, by hook or by crook. I am the marketer. I harrass hospital case workers and floor nurses, doctors and their staff, all in an attempt to get them to send us "referrals." I hold luncheons and give gifts, attend seminars and meetings, pass out business cards and brochures, all in attempt to increase the "census." The count of "heads in the beds."

And it's still better than working at Walgreens.

To be continued.


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