Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A day in the life

Today I ran late for work, scorched my blouse while ironing it, and left my handheld recorder at home complete with important audio for a story I had to finish today for tomorrow's newscast. I did not realize this until 3:30 this afternoon. It takes almost an hour to get to my house from work.

I got very angry at a co-worker, who got very angry right back at me. Everyone at work was stressed out because of unforseen issues no one had time to deal with, and I drank a cup of coffee sweetened with Stevia to appease another co-worker who is health conscious and worried about my saccharin intake. I still have the nasty aftertaste in my mouth.

Today I got to cuddle with my sleepy six year-old when she woke up in my bed. My kids did a great job of getting themselves ready for school, so I got them all there on time.

Even though I left my recorder at home, I had two friends who would have brought it to me if they could have, and one wonderful friend who did bring it to me at no small inconvenience to himself.

At work I knocked out a lot of things I'd gotten behind on and wrote a story I'm proud of. My angry co-worker didn't dwell on it or make me talk about our anger, which I appreciate. And I recorded all of my stuff, including the news story for tomorrow and my HEB commercial, without having to stay too late.

When I got home my kids had finished their homework, their Tuesday folders were great, and we enjoyed dinner out together at a restaurant. We walked through Walmart and I got some things for myself I'd been putting off, and when we got back they got their clothes ready for tomorrow and went to bed without a hitch.

Who said there's no balance to life?


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