Sunday, September 17, 2006

Warren Peese

That is the name of the great American novel I'm going to write.

I've decided.

It will be the heartwarming story of the boy next door everyone overlooks until he saves the world. He'll be the talk of the universe for about a week. Then an ugly rumor surfaces tying him to the very naughty Mai Antonia.

His friends turn on him, he loses his job at Walmart, and his dog runs away.

Trying to find meaning in it all, he writes a song. It's a hit. He becomes the next big country music megastar, and makes a movie called "Red's."

Can you tell I'm bored?


Blogger Jen said...

Yes we can. Since I am so bored all of the time, maybe I should come up with a story, too.

10:03 PM  
Blogger psycho_aide said...

just a little bit hun!

11:00 PM  

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