Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And a partridge in a pear tree

I'm sitting at the kitchen table in warm socks with a sweater on, a fresh cup of coffee in my hand, and a roll of toilet paper by my side to blow my very stuffy nose. It's dreary outside and all I want to do is go back to bed.

Sinus infection aside, I am doing pretty well. My bills are paid, Christmas cards have been mailed, and I had spaghetti for breakfast.

In fact, all of the wallowing in myself lately has not been a total waste of time. It’s led me to discover some things about myself over the past couple of weeks, and not all of them are bad:

1. I am such a girl. It doesn't matter that I'm a self-made, sophisticated, intelligent, fabulous woman who just happens to be over the age of 40. I want to be told I'm pretty every once in a while.

2. Getting caught up in the mad, Christmas shopping season isn't necessary. There is an amazing thing that happens when you don't have the money to shop. You actually get to relax. If my kids don't have 1400 gifts under the tree, the world isn't going to end - it's just going to be less stressful.

3. I don't have a life plan. I just finished reading an article called "The Top 7 Things That Will Sabotage Your Career." One of the top 7 things was to not have a life plan. Who knew? Nobody ever told me I had to have a life plan; I can barely come up with a grocery list. I'm just starting to get to used to the idea that I have to find a career at all, much less plan my entire life. I wonder what being a beer taster pays?

4. I still get excited when I see my name in print.

5. If I take a cocktail of ibuprofen, Drixoral, Mucinex, nasal spray, and vitamins, I will still have a stuffed up nose full of snot PLUS I will be sleepy and hyper at the same time.


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