Thursday, October 23, 2008

If the ring fits...

I'm a new mother-in-law!

Zach and Ali got married on Saturday. They were going to wait until March, but with Zach's new job as an oil rig supervisor, they had to speed things up so she could be added to his insurance. I couldn't be happier!

It's every parent's hope to see their kids become successful and find a good person to share their lives with. I've gotten both, plus a wonderful new daughter. Zach hasn't had an easy road to walk and really deserves all the happiness in the world. It's so great that things are coming together for these two!!! One down, four to go...

Dalton and I finally found our wedding rings last night.

I've been more than a little stressed out that the wedding is so close and we still don't have rings. After weeks of looking online, I still really hadn't seen anything I liked.

We had to go to the mall last night for Katie to get her best friend a birthday present, so we decided to check out a few jewelry stores.


We went to three different stores and not only did I not see anything I liked, nothing fit. They told us it would take from one to four weeks to get rings sized and returned. That was no bueno.

On our way through the mall to find another shop, we passed a sterling silver stand. Dalt stopped and backed up to look at their rings and I immediately saw one I liked. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. The first ring Dalt tried didn't fit, but then the guy brought out the one that matched mine, and it fit perfectly!

As Dalt always says, "It was meant to be."


Blogger Simply Jen said...

Congrats!! I know you will be a great MIL. And congrats on the rings!

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